Barn Babies Pet Therapy Programs


It’s widely known that the presence of animals has a multitude of benefits for both seniors and children. Researchers have discovered that animal-human interaction can improve a person’s social, emotional, and physical functioning. This makes the Barn Babies pet therapy programs perfect for those in a nursing home, assisted living or with disabilities.

At Barn Babies, we provide our mobile baby animal petting zoo services to nursing homes in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas. Utilizing our baby animals as a form of treatment can increase the resident’s mood and lower anxiety levels. Our compassionate staff will interact with the residents and animals to create a truly entertaining and fun environment.

We bring approximately 20 babies to assure group participation. This includes bunnies, chicks or ducklings, a diapered baby goat, little potbellied pig, kittens and puppies. Our babies will bring both comfort and affection to the residents; contact us today for more information!

Rates start at $225/hr**., a travel fee may apply. Click HERE for a quote!

**Our pet therapy rates are valid on weekdays, January-April & September-December. For visits May-August please request our Summer rates