As a child I was raised attending the Rehoboth Fair every fall, spending most of my visit in the animal exhibit area and always leaving frustrated that I couldn’t touch or hold them.  Because of this experience, the idea of Barn Babies was born. As an adult, I could now properly visualize how it would all come together, which was very exciting.

Although it was a long process, I was patient to take my time, research what was needed, and obtain all the necessary insurance and licenses. In the fall of 1994, Barn Babies was open for business. Below is a link to the very first letter I wrote in November of 1994 introducing myself and Barn Babies to local communities. I feel as though this letter still represents who Barn Babies is today.  (Original Letter)

Since then we have built our Barn Babies team to be bigger and better, with a professional, entertaining staff who love their jobs. Because of our consistency and passion, we have been invited to family friendly events and establishments year after year. I believe it is our interactions and personalities that keep our customers inviting us back. The Barn Babies organization runs year-round which allows us even more time to share our animals with everyone.

In 2010, my daughter Kerri joined the team full-time and together we have taken Barn Babies to a whole new level. Barn Babies (aka Barnyard Babies) is not just a traveling petting zoo, it’s an opportunity for people of all ages to finally touch and hold the animals, much like I longed to do many years ago. This business is my true passion and every day I become more and more excited to be able to share my animals with you.